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Pnp Sensor Wire Diagram - here s a simple way remember how to wire up a 3 wire dc pnp or npn sensor pnp switched positive npn switched negative switched refers to which side of the controlled load relay small indicator plc input is being switched electrically either the load is connected to negative and the positive is switched pnp continue reading an easy way to remember pnp and npn sensor the following is a wire diagram of an open collector pnp sensor you will notice that the load appears between the 0v blue and switching wire black when what is the difference between pnp and npn when describing 3 wire connection of a sensor most industrial proximity sensors inductive capacitive ultrasonic and photo electric are solid state the term solid state refers to the type of ponents used within the sensor connection diagrams for 3 or 4 wire sensors will also show the required wiring configuration for their type of output.
current sourcing pnp outputs are internally connected to the power supply voltage and so should be wired externally to a load that has a connection to dc ground the switching logic pnp or npn are not related to the supply voltage of the sensor or the operating voltage of the input referring to the npn wiring diagram above note that the sensor supply voltage and the high side of the load are connected to the same point and are therefore at the same voltage electronic sensor outputs and wiring configurations posted by tracy molnar on thu the 3 wire outputs are usually offered with either pnp or npn type switching elements a pnp output sources current switches the load to dc positive and is required when the other side of the load is connected to dc negative another point to make is in the diagram below an npn and a pnp sensor are both connected to the same plc input card note that the.
mon terminal has a wire from the npn sensor with 24 volts dc connected to a blue wire from the pnp sensor which would short the power supply to ground robust photoelectric sensor rx lineup cad data catalogs manuals software faq basic information applications order guide tr pnp output transistor conditions for the load 1 wiring diagrams receiver of thru beam type sensor retroreflective and diffuse reflective type sensors
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